Beta : Imagination Intersects Reality
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  • Imagine using Internet web pages where the user interface is gorgeous.

  • Imagine styling Internet web pages without complex layout tricks and without the need for responsive design tactics.

  • Imagine targeting web, mobile and desktop apps using one system. Even when offline is a requirement.

  • Imagine programming web pages without one line of code.

  • Imagine backends that do not timeout and have near-zero latency in the request-response loop.

Reality Has Surpassed Imagination

Login to show and use next-generation web sites and mobile applications technology.

For beta details contact Ed VanVliet at 814-441-0165 or ed@vvi.com. For general inquires email info@vvi.com. This beta program requires a signed VVI Non-Disclosure Agreement (VVI NDA).

VVI Is Crushing All Other Web Systems

How is VVI able to do this? As an expert implementing Mobile, Desktop and Web systems, VVI has a long history of solving projects for the largest enterprise systems (that includes the U.S. Federal government). That experience spans essentially all development technologies and methodologies. This Beta uses the latest paradigms and many paradigms invented, and exclusive to, VVI. First step: Throw out the book on web development and, from the ashes, reconstruct the most modern and robust systems available while at the same time maintaining Internet standards.

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