Agile and Mobile Development Consultation

You have read a lot of information about so-called "Agile" and "Mobile Development" methodologies and are tempted to hire a firm that will send contractors to your site and work with your staff to graft those methodologies onto your existing infrastructure. Or perhaps you are sensing the trepidation of possibly outsourcing your development because you lack confidence in your own staff or organization. After all, it can be very difficult to streamline an existing infrastructure. On the other hand, perhaps you are simply wishing for a better way of doing things and are contemplating your next step.

You may have also read some white papers on how these new methodologies miraculously solve all development problems and they produce storied news articles in business magazines.

Before going down that path, set goals and plans that are consistent with your own business details. Your existing staff has the knowledge and working relationships they need. What they may lack is the acumen and confidence to transition from their traditional way of working to a more streamlined and modern way.

I could populate this web site with my own success stories which details successes over several decades of helping corporations such as yours. But, why? You might read my articles and white papers and they would probably appear much like the literature from other firms that detail glowing anecdotes. But, you would not get any further in your quest to understand what to do for your specific company.

I've helped the Pentagon, NASA, Pfizer, Genentech, Union Bank of Switzerland, General Electric and other Fortune 500 companies, think tanks, universities, the federal judiciary and many smaller companies such as Photo Research, Minitab as well as many others by providing, essentially, acumen and confidence as well as definitive development resources. In my past assignments, those qualities have been very much appreciated.

What to do next? I respectfully suggest that you contact me to discuss how I can help out. I would enjoy meeting you and recasting the generic information you have obtained into something that is understandable in the context of your own experiences. Please remember that the motivation and goals should be focused, not on buzzwords and methodology, but rather on success for your business and your own employees.

Respectfully submitted for your consideration,

Ed VanVliet
Phone 814-441-0165

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