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Computer Software Consultation Services

VVI provides expertise to develop applications that run on computers and mobile devices and the related project needs. When you are looking for help with such projects consider these facts:

  • VVI has been in business for over two decades, solving many projects for clients that range from Union Bank of Switzerland to Genentech.

  • VVI specializes in technical and business disciplines. Past projects have included a wide range of enterprise and engineering development, not only software development but also domain-specific development.

  • VVI provides direct technical expertise and works with clients to achieve stated technical goals. Not a staffing company, but rather a technically proficient resource.

  • VVI is also an established vendor of software applications that are available on App Stores and other venues so has direct experience with the total software development life cycle.

  • Credentials are important because they help verify the ability to solve your project, thus reduce risk and uncertainty without sacrificing the features and vision of your project.

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